A Work of Art & A Labor of Love

The Wax

The foundational element of our candle crafting process is our custom, hand poured pure coconut blend wax. While many brands opt to go with the much more affordable paraffin wax, we prefer a wax that is sourced from the US and derived from renewable sources. Our coconut wax blend is gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free, and is considered one of the healthiest waxes to make candles from because it is smokeless and soot-free.

The Wick

We have spent countless hours testing and experimenting with a couple (hundred) wicks until we found the one that perfectly complements our signature wax blends. We have selected a cotton wick to pair with each fragrance oil to ensure each candle has a consistent, non self-extinguishing flame that gives an even melt pool with a long burn time. Each wick is set by hand, ensuring it is centered and tightly adherent to the vessel.

The Vessel

Our pristine glass cylinders are created with a hand-cut process and then sprayed with an elegant colored finish. No matter your decor, we are confident that these vessels will add that extra element of opulence to light up any room. Oh, and as for fingerprints, there is no way we would allow them to defile our beautiful vessels, so with every candle we include a microfiber cloth so you can easily keep your vessel clean and fingerprint-free.

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