Our Process

The Wax - The foundational element of our candle crafting process is our custom, hand poured pure coconut blend wax. While many brands opt to go with the much more affordable paraffin wax, we prefer a wax that is sourced from US and derived from renewable sources. Our coconut wax blend is gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free, and is considered one of the healthiest waxes to make candles from because it is smokeless and soot-free. The other popular wax used by “luxury” brands is soy wax. While soy wax is a good option, we stand by our belief that coconut wax, even though it is nearly twice as expensive, is the best option. Unlike soy alternatives, our wax is not genetically modified and it burns slower and more evenly, allowing you to stay engulfed in our intoxicating aromas longer. With a heart for the environment, we do not have to worry about the deforestation practices associated with other materials because the fruit to produce our wax can be picked without cutting down the tree, which makes for a long-term, cruelty-free, reliable supply. By the way, in keeping with our hand-crafted addiction, even the coconuts used to make our wax is harvested by hand.

The Wicks - As someone who has been obsessed with candles for as long as I can remember, I’ve bought so many candles (both super cheap and super expensive) that burned unevenly, had tunneling or had a huge flame, that I thought that was how candles were supposed to burn. It wasn’t until I set out on my own chandelier journey that I realized that for those candlemakers, the choosing of the wick must have been an after-thought. We believe the wick is one of the most important elements in the candle making process, and we spent countless hours testing and experimenting with a couple (hundred) wicks until we found the one that perfectly complements our signature wax blends. We went to great lengths to ensure we create candles that have a consistent, non self-extinguishing flame that gives an even melt pool with a long burn time. And, of course, each wick is set by hand, ensuring it is centered and tightly adherent to the vessel. 

Our Fragrance Oils - When it comes to our scent design, you’d think we have advanced chemistry degrees the way we have unlocked the perfect mixture of fragrance oil to wax in order to release the optimum amount of aroma, without being overpowering. It truly is a science; and an art. Each fragrance that we create requires a different fragrance-to-wax ratio and we have tediously experimented with each one until we got it just right. We have partnered with perfumers from all around the globe to obtain the extracts needed to create our exclusive fragrances. As you would expect, the fragrance oils that we use are all natural and free of phthalates and preservatives. We have worked thoughtfully to create the scents that are going to evoke emotion, spark seduction and inspire creativity; with each note stimulating the senses and arousing pleasurable memories and feelings.

The Vessels (fashionable and functional) - With the amount of detail and care that we put into our waxes, wicks and fragrances, we would be doing ourselves (and you) an immeasurable disservice by housing our candles in vessels that are anything less than exquisite. Our pristine glass cylinders are created with a hand-cut process and then sprayed in either an elegant onyx black or blush pink finish. No matter your decor, we are confident that these vessels will add that extra element of opulence to light up any room. Oh, and as for fingerprints, there is no way we would allow them to defile our beautiful vessels, so with every candle we include a microfiber cloth so you can easily keep your vessel clean and fingerprint-free.

The Labels (iconic, alluring) - Every single detail of our candle babies have been carefully and intentionally considered, and our iconic labels are no exception. Starting with a foil base, our labels are finished with Virgin Karess Soft Touch LuxeFilm lamination, which looks and feels absolutely divine! Our gold G&O Crest and Bow logo along with the gold Greek Key trim stand out wonderfully in contrast to our proprietary Joy’s Blush Pink label. Each label is applied by hand (which is no easy task), the vessel is the buffed, polished, and prepared for shipment from our home to yours.